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To watch Sky TV you must have a Sky viewing card and a digital receiver. Our Sky viewing card subscription service is 100% secure, professional and extremely efficient. Our years of experience providing this Sky subscription service means you too could become one of our many satisfied customers.

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Sky Viewing Card

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Why do I need Sky Viewing Cards for Europe?

Due to the licensing arrangements between Sky TV and the various film companies, Sky TV can only officially be subscribed to by residents of the UK and Ireland.

Sky Viewing Card

Residents of other European countries need to subscribe for one of our sky viewing cards via Sky Cards for Europe, who will arrange subscriptions using UK addresses.

We are Europe's No.1 sky cards dealer for domestic and commercial customers and offer a one stop shop to customers that require a Sky subscription, sky viewing cards, or a Free To View (FTV) card. We supply Sky cards to Hotels, Yachts & Motor cruisers , guest houses and individuals.

Our Sky Subscription Service

Sky Cards for Europe operate a 24 hour online ordering service for all sky card subscriptions and Free2View (FTV) cards.

Sky Viewing Card

Sky viewing cards can be ordered with a new digibox or customers can order a sky card for use in an existing digibox. As with Sky TV in the UK, customers may choose a favourite Sky card package (see Sky packages for full channel listings).

Sky Cards for Europe can deliver your chosen Sky viewing card subscription (with or without digibox) to all European cities via DHL couriers or by registered post.

Paying for your sky card subscription could not be simpler. As with Sky in th UK, you pay monthly by credit card and directly to Sky TV. This means you are in complete control of your Sky subscription payments. You can use an International credit card or, if you have a UK bank account, direct debit is another option.

Once you receive your sky viewing card it can be activated in a digibox using our 24 hour online sky cards activations page and you are now ready to watch Sky TV in Europe. Sky may take 10 to 14 days to ship us the subscription card. Next day delivery in most of Europe with Fedex couriers. Sky Ireland charge their monthly fee direct to you the customer in Euro each month. Please see our Packages page for a list of available packages you can order . All subscriptions are for a 1 year period and subject to an annual renewal fee if subscribing again.

Note customers should never call Sky directly regarding their subscriptions. All queries are handled by Any direct contact with Sky will result in the subscription being terminated with no refund possible.

Ready to get started??

As we provide the necessary addresses so that you can use Sky TV in Europe, we need some details from you. Please download the following document. It is in both pdf and word format. To save the file to your computer, right click on the appropriate link and click on Save As / Save Target As. Print off and complete the document and return it to us.

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